htghwbAre you a lonely man wondering how to get a blowjob?  Or, more to the point, are you just a normal, high-testosterone male who just wants a blowjob more often because they’re awesome and the only thing better than cold beer?  Hey, it’s not as hard as you think.  For some reason, a lot of men think that asking for a blowjob is the ultimate sin and they’re going to end up on “To Catch a Predator” or something.

There’s nothing wrong with oral sex, and most women are NOT grossed out at the idea.  If a girl loves a guy, or even likes a guy, then going down on him is something she will really enjoy.  She wants to be one of those girls who can please her man in very naughty ways. She wants to be the girl who can blow your mind and rock your world, and yes, men are very easy to please when it comes to blowjobs.

That said, there are at least three things you need to know about how to get a blowjob so that you don’t offend her, don’t weird her out and don’t seem like a casting call porn freak.  Here we go…

1. Don’t Surprise Her

The absolute worst thing you can do is “surprise her” by shoving her down to your crotch without warning. This is the kind of stuff that gets you slapped.  So it’s better to broach the subject, and make sure she digs this kind of thing, before making any crotch-shoving assumptions.  Few men have the er, balls, to ask for ball-pleasing foreplay.

Well, the direct approach doesn’t always work, so what you might try is asking her a “safe question” with naughty hints.  For example, “How do you like to please a guy?” or “What’s the wildest thing in bed you’ve ever done?”  These are questions that help you gauge her sex preferences, and create a sort of “preview” of what to expect when she’s ready to get intimate.  If she admits to giving blowjobs and “doing it goooood” then that’s a very encouraging sign!  Don’t push it.  Just enjoy the anticipation for a while.  Trust me, she knows you want it!

2. Don’t Beg

Chris Rock once did a routine about the poor nice guy who wants a blowjob.  “Excuse me, uh, excuse me, uh, will you, uh, will you uh, s-suck my d**k?”  Not very sexy, guys!  If you want your girl to give you a really good BJ then play the part of the dominant, confident guy and tell her what you want her to do.  (When she’s ready to do it)  If your lover senses any doubt from you, then she will lose her confidence too.  That makes for a very “cuddling night”, definitely not what you want.

3. Let Her Know She’s Awesome

The only way to make your woman want to give you more blowjobs is to associate positive emotions with this slurpy act.  So give her the reactions she wants.  Let her know her lips drive you crazy during the blowjob foreplay.  Speak in tongues when she uses her tongue.  Keep talking about how amazing she is during the aftermath.

Oh yeah one last thing about how to get a blowjob…don’t “demand” that she take it wherever you want.  Ask her where to unload.  It’s the gentlemanly thing to do, and won’t get you slapped for ruining a $100 hairstyle!


Erotic HypnosisErotic hypnosis — it seems like something out of an erotic book or like the XXX knock off version of the X-Men.  However, there is such a thing as erotic hypnosis.  Still, it’s important to understand what it is, what it’s not, and whether or not you can get busted for it.

The Truth About Erotic Hypnosis

First, understand this: even if you were Doctor Sigmund Freud, you could not “force a woman” to become hypnotized.  There’s a little something called subconscious resistance and this is what prevents people from falling for every hypnotic technique (or ahem, every commercial, which is almost like hypnosis) out there.

Second, if you are able to surpass a person’s subconscious resistance, then yes, you can pretty easily lead them into a “trance” state and fill their minds with all kinds of erotic imagery that will help in attracting women to you, and perhaps even heighten orgasm during lovemaking.

The key is to not “alarm” the woman by telling her that you are hypnotizing her, because this creates INSTANT resistance!  Instead, focus on the act of hypnotizing, that is by manipulating her senses, her state of mind and her thoughts.

Third, hypnosis is not really illegal, despite what you’ve heard, since there is nothing illegal about persuasive speech.  That said, you possibly could get into trouble in some states or cities if there is a law that says a woman can claim you raped her by using special “hypnosis”.  It’s absurd, of course, but police and court officials try to keep everyone happy, so you know how that goes.  So just to be safe: don’t use the word “hypnosis” and don’t be an ass**e after you have sex with her.  Deal?

How to Perform Erotic Hypnosis

The main thing to remember when performing hypnosis is that you are constantly implanting images, feelings and thoughts into the other person’s head.  So focus not on “how you’re doing” but on what thoughts you are imparting.  Do you want the woman to relax?  Do you want the woman to feel warm and passionate?  Do you want her to feel sexy, sexual and in lust?  Then think of detailed visuals that might evoke these feelings; for example, a romantic sunset, a warm day on the beach, or if you want to get wild, a sexy fantasy describing all the powerful sensations she feels in her vagina, on her clitoris, on her breasts, and so on.

Basically, hypnosis involves telling a person how to feel, whether directly, as in “I want you to feel this,” or through third-person hypnosis, as in “Then she came upon a sunny beach, where she instantly felt relaxed, at peace and warm.”  (Third person hypnosis often works better at breaking down resistance).  Remember to deliver these lines slowly, calmly, and to have your voice match the intended feelings of comfort, intimacy and yearning—at least at first.

Before she can become sexually excited, she must feel completely at ease with you, and this usually involves a session of “relaxing hypnosis” or what a doctor might call an “induction phase.”  After a time, she will be ready to hear more exciting stuff.  As you began intensifying the feelings for sexual arousal, make sure your voice follows along.  Make it faster, stronger and deeper.  Feel aroused yourself as you convey to her sexy images, intense sensations, and aural stimulation.

For the best results, practice speaking alone, listen to yourself on tape, and organize your thoughts into an “outline” of how to progress when stimulating her erogenous zones.  Keeping your memorized hypnosis script organized is key, since you want to keep her in that “trance” state as long as possible.  Making mistakes, losing your thought or stuttering will put her defenses back up.

Erotic hypnosis is a lot of fun and can help attract women to you (as they will quickly learn you have a way with words and a sexual charisma they can’t explain) or make your sex life more intense.


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